NY State Society

has anyone had any success dealing with these people? my application has been out there over a month, and there are only 11 decision days remaining. I called them early last week and they indicated i’d be getting an email at the end of the week outlining information, etc, but i have not gotten anything yet. Has anyone gotten through them? Was there some other extra form or something to fill out? I did it all through the CFAI website

Let me know if you hear from them. I finally got my work experience approved and now I am Under Review - Society this is almost as stressful as the days leading up to the test

I heard NYSSA can take a few months, they are the largest CFA society after all.

the office is remarkably non-responsive. i wanted an actual receipt since i just faxed in an application with my credit card number to submit with my expense report. nobody answers the phone and ive yet to hear a response to my email. irritating.

In case anyone was curious. I still have not gotten the invoice or whatever I need from NYSSA, so I sent them an email and this was the response: Hi thissucks, I understand your anxiety, and it is necessary for this purpose. You are half way finished with the process. Next you will receive an invoice from the NYSSA sent through email to your email address. Once you complete the invoice with the correct payment information and signature, you may send it back by fax, email, or postal mail. Once it is received by the NYSSA, it will be processed and the approval will be made on the CFA website. If you need further assistance, contact me at your leisure. Best, Prince

Don’t worry, they will get to it, I went through the same thing two years ago. As I recall, it did take them longer than expected.

they need to hurry up i only got 10 decision days left…what happens after it expires??

they just sent me an invoice which I faxed back to them? did you get the email from them?

STILL no email

when decision days expire, it doesn’t mean much if anything, that happened to me as well. I think it was 2 or 3 weeks after expiration when I finally got my acceptance.

the person there i called had an out of office from like august 1 on their voicemail, and hasnt returned my call.

prince responded to my email as well. i wonder if only one person is trying to deal with this deluge at nyssa?

You are not alone - Russian society is very very slow too. And I don’t think we have the same number of new members here as you do…

I emailed Prince and the other guy they list under contacts for CFA-related inquiries and got the reply in a few hours. Also I think membership@nyssa.org is a contactable email address, although they didn’t reply to me.