NY test center

Who is taking CFA in NY? Are we going to do Level 1 freshman saturday or what?

I’m in NY, what in the heck is a freshman saturday?

its like freshman friday, just in a nerdy CFA kinda way

Yes in NYC… gonna find the closest bar afterwards and forget 60% of the material by 11PM saturday…

ah, now I get what this means. Yes, I’ll be drinking my face off after. I hope the Sheraton has a bar somewhere inside it.

shreraton sux… gonna hit the E Vil

Sheraton has plenty of places around…are all NYC L3ers in Sheraton?

E Vil, no thanks, I just need something close. Last year’s celebration started with a six of Guiness and a bag of Chips A’hoy cookies, I figure anything is better than that.

closest decent bars to 53rd and 8th are probably zanzibar, lattitude, tonic (kinda), lace (definitely).

I work a block over from the Sheraton. If you are trying to stay close there is a good bar on 54th b/w 6 and 7th called faces and names. Its a good spot thats close if youre looking to get your drink on ASAP. If you are looking for something longer term for the night I would suggest heading to 50 and 2nd ave. There are a bunch of good bars over there and its a real short cab ride from the Sheraton. Personally, I am probably going to go to faces and names right after the exam to watch the Belmont, hang out there for a bit and then head out somewhere for the night. Feel free to join if you like. I dont know about anyone else but I am beyond ready for that post 5PM moment…its going to be quite satisfying

Can someone confirm that they have a place to leave bags in the NY test centre? I’ve sat the previous two levels in London, where they did, so I’m presuming it’s the same here, but I just want to be sure. Thanks.

That was the case several years ago, I assume it is still the case today. I think most people take public transporation to NYC test center, thus we can’t leave bags in the car.

agreed… i am going under the assumption we can check stuff there… like phones, etc…

dont forget to leave phone in the BAG. Proctors wanted to write me up for having a cellphone pff