NY was freezing...

I can bet there was no more than 40 degrees in 1B. I spend the whole lunch trying to warm up… and it was pretty dark in there too.

i was in 1b too…freezing! i failed tho :frowning:

1c wasn’t better either. (Though there were some guys wearing t-shirts)

very cold in tokyo but the exam room was warm. I was sweating.

Yeah 1C was freezing… That too towards the end of the afternoon session when the procters were reconciling the papers … It was damn cold… later I found out that few stupids opened the back door to bring in stuff to get ready for their next show (or something). BTW - You can go to CFAI website to provide your feedback about the test center.

Hall 1C - Freezing … altho i was wearing a sweather

Hey NYCers, i purposely drove to Hartford to avoid the NYC nightmare (i live in so. conn. and was driving 1.25 hours to hartford versus train into NYC same travel time) Was javits a rock concert…i figured there was going to be several thousand people and no way was i gonna get a cab going back to GCT and parking was gonna be midtown prices…did i make the right choice, would you if you could have avoided city?

Did u feel the cold in 1B at the end when they opened the back door. IDIOTS…

petetini, you made the right choice. it was super freezing in all the halls, and yes, after the exam you couldn’t get a cab at all. So after 8 hrs of freezing my a** off in JJCC, I had to walk to 8th av, at which point it was faster to take the subway, given the traffic around macy’s and times square.

sorry you went through it, in June, no matter which exam, i am going Hartford (ended up at lunch in a joint i used to frequent 20 years ago–the Arch Street Tavern. ) Ate with a good guy who had the same idea as me…the bar maid said she had taken the exam 5 years ago with 7 other people from her office, and they all failed. She said they all went out for lunch that day like us…we said, you didn’t come here did you?

I was in hall 1A, I felt Quant and FSA was little tricky on session I , Afternon session I did well ,I did well on ethics the section I was most was scared off. I read CFA text just a week before exam , lots of questions were straight out.

1B was freezing. I had an undershirt on, a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, and my jacket on. It was awful and totally counterproductive for me because I would much rather be hot than cold. I was actually shivering, but maybe some of that was nerves…I don’t remember being nervous past the first five minutes though.

i froze my butt off in 1C. 2nd session, maybe 10 min after the proctor flipped to “less than 45 min remain”, i handed in my test paper and found a cab after walking to 10th ave. i wanted to finish early just so i could get a warm ride back to the village. i can’t even imagine what it was like after 5.

I took the June 07 test in DC and they had the AC up so high that it was freezing in there. I ended up going to Kmart during the break and bought the cheapest sweatshirt I could find to get through the afternoon session.

The proctors that were watching us said that they were going to write a report to the CFAI. Well, hopefully we all won’t have to take December test ever again!

Was in NYC 1C. It was freezing cold. For the 2nd session I brought in my heavy jacket. BTW, does anyone know if we can pack @ the Javitz center? Its brutal not to get a cab after 8 hrs of freezing and torture…and have to walk to the subway. I still can’t figure out what to do with my free time. I am reading all the Forbes / Entreprenour magazines that were delivered few months back - when I had no time to read them. TV is too boring.

You can post comments about the test or the test site here: http://www.cfainstitute.com/cfaprog/resources/examdetails/testcomments.html

wow, lot of complaints about the cold here. I was in 1C and I was fine…just wearing a t-shirt and a hoodie. I’d rather it be a little cold than too warm when taking a 6 hour test - keeps you wide awake.

make sure all you guys that were frozen or had any other problems log in to the CFA website sometime in the next few days and send along comments/concerns so they can correct that for next time. No sense freezing again in june for the exam if it can be prevented.

I just submitted my comments to CFAI a) the freezing situation in NYC b) the fact that the proctor next to me had his cell pnone on and kep rining which was a distraction. If they want us to leave our cell phones - they should have the proctors keep their phones out of the hall.