NYC and London, UK - Live and Online @Nathan Ronen Chalk and Board - Amazing teacher

Nathan got me through all CFA levels with relative ease. I studied for all 3 levels with him, doing Level I in NYC before moving to London where I completed levels II and III doing the online course. Nathan always kept me focused on the most important topics and knew the best preparation methods for each level. Each level is a very different test and builds on the previous levels, Nathan’s approach makes sure you pass each level on the first attempt and have a solid grasp of the key concepts for the next level. The most important thing he stressed was taking atleast 6 or 7 mock exams. By the end of level I, my friends and I were scoring 90% or more and we knew we would pass that exam easily. We walked out of the afternoon session early and i got the highest marks in all categories except for one. One of my work colleagues told me theyd never seen someone get the highest marks in that many categories.
Level II was much tougher, but Nathan got me through it by teaching the best way to pass the item sets and drilling all the most important concepts into your brain. Level III was probably the toughest exam for me, but I passed it despite not feeling extremely confident. Again, the most important thing was taking 8-10 mock exams and reviewing them all the next day. Nathan would always respond to my questions and help you review the questions you got wrong. He also helps you mark your essays and gives you very detailed comments and corrections. He keeps the classes entertaining enough that you don’t fall asleep after a long day of work! Highly recommend using Nathan / Chalk and Board for your exam prep! Save yourself time and money and get the CFA done as efficiently as possible so you can move on with your career. I went from Operations/Trade Support into Trading and now I am a Portfolio Manager in Emerging Markets debt. Some people at my first company told me i could not be a trader/PM. I refused to believe I didnt have what it takes and followed my own heart and worked my way up. CFA helped me accomplish my goals and i could not have done it without Nathan.