NYC - Any NYSSA members want to help with sponsorship?

Hey folks -

So despite an Aug 2011 level 3 pass, I’m only just now actually finally applying for membership/charter. My boss has filled out my form, but since he’s not a member of NYSSA (the chapter I’m applying to) that means that my other sponsor needs to be a member.

Any fine AF folks who are current members and would be willing to vouch for me?


SSF, I’ll do it. Between reading your posts and meeting you in December, I’m willing to vouch for you.

Huzzah! Thanks Bchad. Is the e-mail address on your business card still good (the gmail one?) I dropped you a line there. If that’s good to use, I’ll send you an e-mail with the link embedded for my sponsor to put their details in.

supersadface, by any chance are you working in NJ?

No sir! I’m in midtown Manhattan and lovin’ it. Have worked in NYC and Stamford since graduating college.