NYC Bar 41 at 5:15

That’s where I think I’m gonna head down from Millenium Hotel for some drinks feel free to join. It’s on 41st between 7th and 8th.

I’ll join you for a couple of rounds!

hahaha i go there all the time, its a block from my work

yea same here…I work at E&Y which is across the street, even get 15% discount haha it’s a small bar…but I’ll be wearing blue jeans and black leather jacket, with brown shoes…or look a for dude pounding shots hahaha

ahhhh 5x2

yep yep you too?

yes sir

no life, whats your email

show NY where are you taking the exam? So who else is coming i know there 600 ppl taking at Millennium, and there are lot more locations.

im taking it at the sheraton at 53rd and 7th