NYC Exam Day Lunch Options

Hey there, just curious as to what people who have taken the exam in NYC recommend for lunch. Does Javitz have their food vendors open, or does everyone try and get to the carts/subway/dollar pizza nearest. Do they let you keep a lunch in another room, maybe i’ll just put some tots in my pocket.

bring your own. I tell this to candidates all the time. the javitz lines can be HORRENDOUSLY long, and you can’t guarantee your stomach will agree with it. trust me. maintain as much control as you can over exam day as possible, and bring your own. you can leave it in the bag rooms.

Perfect! I wasn’t sure they would let you bring a bag per the CFAI website. This makes things much easier. Thank you!

oh yeah 100% with Itera. Bring your lunch. For me it was always a simple, light lunch I packed at home with a bottle of water. Good Luck!!