NYC - Jacob Javits Convention Center - POST test GET TOGETHER

Hey NYC, I just came back from visiting the test center to get the feeling of the set up and how it will feel come tomorrow morning. Well what can I say, that dark gloomy building smells like CFA all over the place. Apparently someone told them that we are coming to take that L1 from them tomorrow and they prepared a bunch of portable tables for us. I have a bit of bad news though, I didn’t see any chairs so you might have to bring your own (go for the light ones…jk). Well it’s a ballroom and it will definitely be cold in there, so I would definitely try to avoid any swim wear or revealing clothing; unless you are a female that is trying to distract other candidates and push that already low 40% pass level lower. Place is located on West 38th/11th but you already know that. Anyway I say we get together after the test and grab a drink or two (you know we will need it, that’s a fact!). Hope fully tomorrow we can meet those people who helped us prepare to kick some major A** and find our L2 partners as well. To make it easy, lets meet in front of the Convention Center at the corner of 38th/11th Please respond if you will want to meet up. Thanx and good luck

never been to Javits center. seems gigantic. is it going to be easy to find Hall 1C section FFF?

Any one in Hall 1C section LLL

Quite easy to find actually, sections are labeled in giant letters. Either you will go downstairs or upstairs… no sweat

cool. Thanks Sanjaya!

i went there today to check out the the building and especially the temperature. We’ll be sitting there for 6+ hours so comfortable clothing is a must. Well, though the halls are huge, it wasn’t that cold inside (of course I freaked out and couldn’t feel anything when I sneaked into the hall and saw all these tables) . As a security guy told me, it’s gonna be even warmer: the doors would be closed + the heater + a big crowd + the boiling brain…

I think we neither need nor are allowed to bring chairs, it’s not on the list of stuff that are permited on the exam ticket

Look closely at the ticket to find the link to special instructions (opens in the separate tab). The CFAI strongly encourages that you visit the center and find the storage for your chair in advance. Hurry up - you still have some time.

Libra :slight_smile: hahahaha We should meet up tomorrow…

Libra :slight_smile: hahahaha You’re going to be the one causing the distraction tomorrow, I know your strategy :slight_smile: We should meet up btw

Is no one up for a drink tomorrow? Thats hard to believe. I personally run by the work hard play hard rule, so time to relax for a minute.