NYC - Jacob Javits Convention Center

I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the exam and want to bring some materials to read in between the morning and afternoon sessions, where do I put my stuff while I’m in the exam room?

you can take them with you as long as you sign a bond that you will not peep during the exam.

are you serious? I can take my bag into the room? no, someone told me he was forced to throw away his transparent plastic folder.

Delhirocks :slight_smile: you guys are cracking me up.

Personal Belongings The CFA Institute website clearly indicates the items that are permitted in the testing area. These rules will be strictly enforced. Items not allowed into the testing area must be left in the Personal Belongings Area during the exams. Refer to the following Personal Belongings locations that correspond to your exam seating. For example: if your ticket indicates you will be seated in Hall 1A, place your personal belongings in Room A2, which is located across from the exam room. Hall 1A Personal Belongings Room A2 Hall 1B Personal Belongings Room A3 Hall 1C Personal Belongings Room C1 sorry portfolio…was kidding.