NYC L1 June 2008?

Any one taking Level 1 in June 2008 around NYC/LI Area?

I am taking it and want to form a study group- I live downtown. Any interest?

I am interested, work in downtown

I’m definitely interested too. Work midtown. Live Downtown.

so anyone has a place where we can meet once a week and go over topics?

… still awaiting a reply from people who are interested!

I would be interested as well. I am flexible as to where to meet. I live in Hoboken but work midtown.

I guess the issue is to find a place where everyone can meet, if anyone wants to get in touch and discuss about the possible locations please contact me @

… People who are interested in forming a study group, when do you guys want to start? and do you have a place in mind where the group can meet up once a week?

I am interested as well. I’m fine with meeting downtown. Maybe at a Starbucks or other coffee shop?

How about the starbucks on the cornor of Dey St. & Church St. near the WTC site? Email me the date & time to confirm — Anyone else who is interested in forming a study group is also welcome. I will post a time and date once we set one.

I guess you mean the Starbucks on Dey and Canyon of Heroes …,+NY&sll=40.71102,-74.0108&sspn=0.005514,0.010042&ie=UTF8&ll=40.711223,-74.009389&spn=0.005514,0.010042&z=17&om=0 I would be happy with a weekday evenings…

Yes, so when would you like to meet?

b13higgs vmarie mihrad I have organized a study group, we will be meeting on this Friday at 5:30 PM, so far its me and yi, you are all welcome to join. Please reply to this post if anyone of you is interested.

hi guys, please see:,663401

I formed a group already.

I’m interested as well… I live UES …there’s a B&N open till 11pm at 86th and 2nd … anyone in?