NYC- Level 1 - Group Study -Meet at Midtown Library/Coffee Shop or Harvard Club

Hi Everyone,

I’m setting up a small group study for Level 1 for June exam. I’m thinking on Saturday/Sundays and maybe after work as well (especially as we get closer to exam date but we’ll discuss that in person). On weekends I’m always at Midtown studying at the Harvard Club.

Benefits of group study:

  • Share notes/knowledge/flashcards/ formulas
  • Bounce test taking ideas/strategies
  • One person weakness might be another’s strength
  • Motivational/mental support (I’m half kidding)
  • After the exam grab drinks/bite

Feel free to send me an email and we can link up. Hoping to get a group of 2-5 people.

Hi, Anyone from this group who knows any Candidates fro CFA Level 1 sitting for June or Dec 2019 exam. Please let me know.

I wish I could join in, but I’m no more at the level 1 !