NYC - Level 1 - June 2011

Anyone in NYC taking Level 1 in June?

I’m taking level 1 in June. Study group would be great. Let me know.

Great. We can discuss the details in private. Is there a private way to exchange contact information?

I’m not sure if there is a private message feature on this but it’s ok for us to discuss meet up details on here. That way anyone who finds this later sees what the current status is… maybe people who haven’t replied will also join. I’m thinking that meeting 3 times a week is probably good if you can accomodate that on your schedule. Would like to keep friday nights free as a break since the weekend will be a more intense studying time. How does monday tuesday and thursday work. Monday-Tuesday we could discuss the chapter material along with study aid reviews. Take wednesday evening to ourselves to do some EOC questions or quizzes etc. Thursday recap and go over the monday-tuesday work? I could also do more than 3 days if you really want to hit it hard.

I’m also thinking meeting for 1-1.5 hours is good enough per night since it’s so frequent. All is just a suggestion so let me know if you prefer more/less… or a completely different approach.

Sounds okay. We’ll see how it goes in terms of the frequency and duration of our meetings. Some sections will probably require more time and others less. How about location and time? Do you work? Which area is best? What time? I’m in Midtown East. I can be somewhat flexible in terms of time, assuming it’s after 6pm and depending on location. Any suggestions on location other than Starbucks or coffee shops? There are some libraries, but a study group may be too loud for a library.

I work in the financial district for Citi. End of wall street closest to east river. I can go anywhere though. I live on the UWS but am usually on UES at my gf’s place. So meeting up is flexible for me too. As for a place to actually study… starbucks may be the only easy place. Does anyone reading this want to join? and know of a good place to meet up?

I’m also interested in meeting up. I live in Financial District but I commute out of the city for work - so a little bit later on weekdays or anytime weekends work for me. I’m also unsure of a good meeting place - my apartment building has a lot of common areas we could possibly use.

I work in financial district so if your bldg has a common lounge that would be perfect. I was thinking of meeting around 6:30 and ending by 8pm but open to other times

I know I couldn’t make it to the city by 630pm on weekdays - what about weekends?

Yeah we could do weekends but I wanted motivation to do a few hours each weekday with a group. What time works for you. Meeting later is possible depending on how late.

Hey guys, I am also interested in meeting up. I live in the east village and am hoping meet 2 nights per week for around 2 hours (Mon Tues or Wed). Weekends are a no-go since my schedule changes so much. I’ve started the readings and am up to SS8, reading 32. Email me at tkiviat at gmail dot com to discuss further. Thanks, Taylor

Ok looks like it’s going to be mondays tuesdays or wednesdays for about 2 hours. No weekends… use that time to do your own studying. We can meet at a place in union square. There’s space. Who else is interested besies tkiv?