NYC Level 2 2011

Hey All, The other L2 message was started for the 2010 test, so I figured a lot of those people will have moved on. Let’s start a group for the upcoming exam next year. I wont be buckling down until Nov/Dec, but it’s good to see the interest regardless.

Hello, I’d be interested in getting involved with a group. I failed L2 last year and I think a major reason was I was too independent in my studies. I am looking to get started as early as possible so please let me know your plans. Thanks

I am interested in a study group as well. I’ve been skimming the text in the past couple of weeks, but I plan to start grinding in October.

I’d be interested as well…

I’m in. When can we start? I don’t have the 2011 materials yet but have been reading the 2010 materials.

Hi, I will be interested to be a part of this group. I work 9 to 7 and I am sure being of part of this group will keep me motivated. I received my CFAI books for 2011 and have Schweser 2010. Are we planning to meet sometime soon? We can level set the study plan when we meet.

For anyone interested in the Level 2 study group, please email We can coordinate a time and place that are convenient for everyone. Let’s make it happen. I can’t afford to fail…