NYC Level 2 june

Anyone taking the level 2 exam in new york city in june 2008?

Count me in dude. Ping me if interested -

sounds good. I am thinking of starting the reading sometime in Dec. Hopefully we get a small group together by early January and work together on the notes/problems.

I am in for it guys.

Hi, I also am planning to start studying materials now.

Hi, I am interested about it, but I am in China.

have u guys started? else i would like to join in. I am in NJ, close to NYC.

please contact me. I live in NYC and i would like to split the cost of SchweserPro and Schweser CDs. I have the Stalla material.

rasharma: if they’ve already begun, i’m interested as well and would be willing to start a new group.

brotherbilo: that sounds good. I’m in Hackensack, NJ, where r u located?

count me in too I stay just across the Hudson river in NJ. I just gave CFA-L1 in Dec-07 and waiting for my results on 23rd Jan-08. If I PASS, I’ll join the group. - Dinesh S

I live in Manhattan but awaiting level 1 results. Like Dinesh, if things go my way I may be down to join.

Just passed level 1. I’m in too.

hi guys, have u people formed a group???/ can i join in too. I am in Hackensack, NJ

same question …have u started yet? my email is let me know and good luck:)

I guess its kinda late, but I have just begun studying L2…I passed in Dec 07 and am taking L2 in June…I am using Schweser notes…Please let me know if I can join the study

All, Me and two other members who posted above in this post started a group about 2 weeks ago. SO far we have covered FSA & Quant. We’ll be discussing Asset Valuation SS 10 next sunday. Everybody is welcome to join. We meet on Sundays at 5 pm in Starbucks on 23rd street & 5th avenue. If you have any concerns then you can email me at Regards ANISH