NYC Level 2

Hey if anyone in Midtown or Downtown is looking to join a study group for L2 starting in a week or two, let me know

I’m in… Going to be mainly studying on the weekends but would love to get in a group… Email me

I’m in. Located in Midtown email me:

I want join in. We could meet at least once a week in Manhattan. Please email me:

hey. I would love to join too. work in Midtown, live around Union Square. weekends/early mornings, both would work for me. not sure if I’m supposed to email you or vice versa, but here’s my email address for now.

hi i’m interested as well i’m in midtown. weekends and evenings work for me. Olga

I live in Astoria, Queens. Would love to study in a group on Saturdays.

Has this group started? I am interested. philbak at gmail.

I work downtown. I’m in for an evening group. larry underscore diamond at hotmail

We’re starting up a study group. First meeting will be downtown NYC on Monday evening at 6pm. Email me if you’re interested. larry underscore diamond at hotmail