NYC Level 3 study group


I am looking to put together a 4-5 person study group in Manhattan where we would meet twice during the week and once on the weekend (or whatever is best for the group). I am using the Schweser materials, so it would be ideal if you were as well.

A little about me… I passed Level 1 last December and then Level 2 in June. I work at a bulge bracket bank in asset management and am very excited to get the CFA exams behind me! I enjoy working as a team just as long as people take it seriously (I imagine if you made it to L3 you are pretty serious, but just wanted to stress that).

The goal would be to start in early/mid January. If anybody is interested, shoot me a message.


I am intrested to join the study group. You can contact me @

hi. interested as well, in city., or 845 548 1004. interested in a study buddy as well, so anyone please reach out to me directly if interested. thanks

Interested as well - Yoni

I’m interested as well,

Have you guys actually coordinated a group? If so, I would like to join.

Hi guys! I would really like to join this group. Please e-mail me at Thanks!

Interested if there is room. I’ve already made 1 pass through the CFAI material so I may be able to augment your Schweser approach. Let me know: