NYC New Years!!!

This weekend I’ll be in NYC, Zesting it up! I was wondering, for those in NYC, what are some good restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs to go to in NYC this weekend??? Also, any roof-top parties to watch the ball drop?? What will you be doing for New Years? Thanks!

To watch the ball drop… your going to need to get there several hours in advance. Don’t forget to go to the bathroom before because you really won’t get the chance once you get there. Regarding rooftop bars… I really doubt you’ll find anything at this point unless you wanna throw down some big $$$.

My girlfriend and I will be doing the bar / cocktail kinda place, but in an outer borough. I think it’s $50 or $100, nothing crazy, for an open bar for that night. You have to e-mail them to get on the list - they may be out of space - but their drinks are great and the bar is nice, if you don’t getting your passport punched to head out to Astoria. Frankly, after ten years, I don’t mind stepping out of Manhattan for my NYE.

Its tough to go into NY for NYE without a plan. Most places will require you to have purchased a ticket, unless you go after 12:30, you may be able to get in paying reduced admission, which can still be up to $100. Tickets at this point will cost you a lot more than if you have bought them a few weeks ago. A GA ticket for clubs, lounges, rooftops will now likely exceed $150 an can run much higher if you are looking at some of prime “hotspots”

Yeah, this whole thing was last minute. Hopefully, it works out. If not, I’ll need to take some of the advice on the other post about how to deal with the Po-po when hammered.