NYC Street Caricature

I was just on a mission for the perfect choco-taco in Battery Park when this little old guy came up talking to me in Chinese. Now I have a caricature of myself and no ice cream in my belly. It’s a pretty funny image though. Things off in it: I don’t have a mustache, I’m not wearing a tie and I don’t make the peace sign (but I have been known to give the NY Salute [middle finger]). The whole time he was drawing it I was laughing so much trying to picture how silly this is going to look. Then I started thinking how every narcissistic person needs an image of themselves and thoughts of Kanye as Napolean started popping in my head. Finally, I was anxious for him to be done so I could see the masterpiece.

The tourists even looked at me like I was nuts. Has anyone ever done one of these? The girl I work with grew up in Queens and said she’s never done one. They’re pretty inexpensive - on par with an ice cream cone. Now I’m scheming up if there are any good pranks I can pull with this. I’m thinking of bringing it to someone’s apartment and tacking it up somewhere without them knowing.

I thought about doing one, but all they drew were lips…

Post it to your avatar.