NYC sues oil companies in climate change suit

Such BS! Global warming, I mean climate change has always been about money, nothing else! #imwithbigoil

What a BS and hypocritical publicity stunt by De Blasio. Why doesn’t he just ban all taxis and trucks in the city? It’s like a person suing McDonalds for obesity while swallowing a Big Mac.

I bet the lawyers on the case are billing a ton of hours on this stupid case, on the taxpayer’s dime and probably kicking some back to him, very sad!

& how many ridiculous law suits did texas & red states bring during the Obama years that were a waste of tax payer funds? remember gary potter in happy gilmore kids: “Feel the flow, feel it, it’s circular. Its like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse, and you go up and down and around…in a circular circle with the music, the flow, all good things.”

yes this suit is another bogus waste of time legal action, in a long tradition of such legal actions.

Why does that matter, and why are you suddenly defensive of non-red states, even though no one said that?

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i dont follow - hes complaining about a wasteful lawsuit & im just mentioning how this is how it works & has always worked. When the other guy is in power you just bring tons of pointless lawsuits against the govt/interests you dont like. Is it a waste of money? Yup, is it new? nope. Is it ever going to change? nope

Am not!

Not a serious issue, ignore it.