NYC test takers: american mngmt building?

did anyone else take it in the american mngmt building? did anyone else think the proctors were the dumbest people alive? they mispronounced badly multiple words in the instructions they read at the beginning of each segment. they also had a tough time with my 2 calculators that were regulation, but one was a different color (one was like 5 years old and was a dark brown, the other newer and gray). they were very distrusting of the color thing.

I took the test in nyc… the proctor who was announcing the instructions had a rough accent… I could barely follow him when he spoke on the microphone…

My two proctors were very nice, although they did look very young and a bit nervous reading through the proctor’s manual in the beginning. I was in room 709.

704 here. they were nice but it was amazing how poor their reading skills were

i was in 704 too… where were you sitting ?

were you the guy chatting away with that girl behind you :slight_smile:

that soda fountain was clutch, huh?