NYC things again

Dudes. I need the following help bros.

  1. Best pork ribs in NYC.
  2. Best Asian massage NYC
  3. Best club in NYC
  4. Best place for solo man in NYC for a night out.

thanks so much6

You want nuru or a sweet Asian chick to go lo mein?

Huh, don’t eat ribs here. BBQ in New York sucks. The best place is probably Hill Country BBQ, but I think it’s just “good”, not “great”. You’re supposed to eat, pizza, bagel, Italian food, or $300 sushi.

Massage - probably just wander around Chinatown and see which place looks presentable. Quality tends to vary by the person you get. Look, this is a value strategy, not some premium sh*t. ProTip: the dudes tend to give more pressure and are more likely to have a special technique. You have to be ok with them touching your butt though.

Clubs - I think you are supposed to hang around SoHo and see what shows up on your Tinder nowadays.

silk tiger

thanks, will skip the ribs.

I have pizza tour booked, going to 5-6 different pizza joints on Sunday.

Cant’t sign up to Tinder i’m married innit.

Boom. Will hit it up. I will need a rub down after my flight.

Ribs in NYC? You don’t go to New York for the ribs. Like ohai said, you’re supposed to get Italian or pizza… I can’t help you out with anything else as I am not from there.

Good value add there.

i know a massage place where they give out rims, not ribs.PM me for details.

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+1 to my post count :wink:

So i’m staying in SOHO area.

This place has excellent BBQ in NYC. Not that far from SoHo.

Pokhim - its very likely ill be in the city. ill send you a pm if so

been to the one in midtown. It’s ok. There’s a jazz club in the basement

Is this the same “Hill Country BBQ” that they have in Washington DC?

If so, I would say that it’s probably good BBQ for that part of the world, but not as good as you’d get in the actuall Hill Country of Texas. (Never been to Kansas City, so I can’t comment on their quality. But I know someone who probably will.)


i got this list of NYC bars worth checking out from a bartender friend in LA who recently moved to cali. Checked out 3 of them this past weekend - Death & co is dark and swanky, exceptional quality drinks and knowledgeable bartenders. Could go on a classy date with HCB, or hang solo at the bar - very good vibe. Please Dont Tell has somewhat gimmicky entrance inside a hot dog shop through a phone booth and a bit of a line, bit again killer drinks and wide variety once you get in. Pouring Ribbons i don’t recall cause it was the third I visited that night which in retrospect was unnecessary. The others I’ll check next time I’m in the city but maybe some of the locals have input.

NYC BARS - [] Little Branch 20 7th Ave, New York (20m) - [] Employees Only 510 Hudson Street, New York(25m) - [] Attaboy 134 Eldridge Street, New York (6m) - [] Death & Co 433 E. 6th Street, New York (18m) - [] Please Don’t Tell 113 St. Marks Place, New York (20m) - [] Pouring Ribbons 225 Avenue B, New York(28m) - [] Dead Rabbit 30 Water Street, New York(28m)

Go to that bar in the One57 building. It is the classiest place I’ve been to. There are celebrities there sometimes. They have $100 tacos also I believe…

I remember when Please Don’t Tell was actually kind of secret. It was pretty interesting. Nowadays, there is like a 45 minute line to get in. Maybe you can go at 6:30 on a Tuesday or something.

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