Going Memorial Day weekend. What should I do?

Too bad you’re not going 4th of July weekend :wink:

Nupp- er, Asset Management- I’d suggest going to a party that involves a tar beach [someone’s building roof]. Folks in the outer boroughs will go to actual beaches or bust out grills and stuff, but if you want to stay in Manhattan [and of course you do], find someone with a rooftop party. I’d offer my place, we almost always do something, but I’m probably just going to study all weekend aside from maybe putting in a quick appearance at someone elses gig - don’t have time to host this year. FML :((( -SSF

No worries SSF, Friday I am getting drinking with some people that work for the same company. Saturday im not sure what I am doing. Same goes for Sunday. So we’ll see. I need day activities because I think both my nights are already booked :wink:


Shake Shack. Look it up and go there. You will not regret it.