NYE office roll call

Anybody else at the office today? I was here yesterday and today and this place is a ghost town. Probably 5% of the office is here. Both of our admins are watching netflix. And the office is closing 3 hrs early.

I am. We closing early, though.

Real AFer roll call! I’m in. Still tipsy from last night.

It’s business as usual here. However, evidently, everyone in Europe is on vacation, as I wanted to trade some eurostoxx futures and it’s an exchange holiday…

Workin every day. Still in my PJs though.

Aren’t they always on vacation?

Here, looks like will be a regular day today

Watching World Junior hockey with a cup of tea and a bagel count as work? Nahhh, I’m off… suckers.

^ you should throw in a double double from Tim Horton’s

In today, the market is open.

I’m surprised. When I used to trade Eurostoxx futures (2003-2007), it used to be open. I remember it was only closed for New Year’s, Good Friday and Christmas. Those trading US indices had a holiday every month.