NYINF classes

Hi all aspirants, i would appreciate if anyone suggest me for NYINF classes which gives u a guarnteed exam prep classes with tutition fee refund on failure. I will also appreciate if someone can suggest about a good question bank source. I just have CFA material till now. Thanks in advance

I’d find it fairly implausible that any study provider would guarantee a refund for failure when last year’s pass rate was ~25% for Level II. But if you can find them let me know - I’ll definitely sign up.

And for a good question bank source, the two main ones are Stalla and Schweser. I choose Schweser so clearly that’s the best option. *If anyone’s wondering why I’ve been so nice in my responses to such a silly post, I don’t know either. It feels really weird; I don’t think that it’ll continue.

Hi skillionaire, thanks for ur comments, and u can check for www.nyif.com for the guaranteed exam prep sessions.

Stalla is offering that. They take your credit card info but only charge you once you clear the exam.