The Astor Place location will have more of a mixed crowd; I live in the East Village…most of the fitness clubs in this area are ‘for men’. I going there and I’m ‘for women’.

Yes I live in the east 70s. I like the neighborhood – lots of great restaurants, casual bars, close to the park, you can walk to work if you live in midtown. Only downside I see is lack of live music. … just bear in mind that they are building the second ave subway with a station stop at 72 – lots of noise!

It sounds like you roam different areas of the city than I do, but here’s my input: Wall Street: Looks bigger than it actually is. A disproportionate amount of space is devoted to cardio machines, but the free weight selection is pretty good. Some eye candy during evening peak hours, and some experienced lifters there. But you also get a mix of dbags who don’t know what they are doing and try to show off. Battery Park City: Good size, usually fairly empty. Open Sundays. Water Street: Less busy than Wall Street, decent eye candy, no squat cage. City Hall: On the small side, missing some stuff. Mercer Street: High ceilings and lofty, but wastes space. Lots of free weights, but not as many benches. 14th St Union Square: Very busy during peak hours, tons of women, not as many free weights, but has a squat cage. Less idiots than Wall Street, but the overall experience level seemed lower as well. 125th Harlem: Tons of benches, squat racks and free weights. Super huge dudes there. Damn genetics.

How ghetto is 125th St.? I’m thinking bout checking out 86th/Lex too but I can imagine that one is pretty busy.

Go to the 86th and LEX…the freeweight and machine sections are both solid…plenty of scenery also…gets crowded mon-wed around 6 which is expected but Ive never had a problem getting done what I needed to

How are the offpeak hours, say after 9pm or so?

Im sure it won’t be crowded at all. They got a pretty nice spread as far as machines and the weights go. Im usually there between 6-8 and the only time I look around and think damn its a lil crowded is early in the week. Pretty dead from thurs-sun. After 9 I don’t think you would have any problems as far as crowds go. Usually some solid tail running around which is a nice bonus

86th and Lex has squash which is nice if you play. Treadmills usually have long lines until 9-10pm…freeweights is better but should be avoided during peak hours. 76th St. has better talent imo.

The equipment at 125th street isn’t ghetto, but sometimes in the evenings there is a regular crew of huge dudes who bench with each other, which may be intimidating, especially since the gym is laid out all on one floor. I haven’t been there in awhile, so they might not actually still be there. Music is almost all hiphop/rap, which I actually prefer since I don’t wear an iPod. I hate it when I’m lifting and Miley Cyrus comes on. In terms of getting there, 125th street is a busy street, so that’s not an issue even late at night. However if you’re coming up from the east side, I remember Spanish Harlem being kinda sketchy when I was younger. I think the area is gentrifying though.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m referring to the equipment when I’m asking about ghettoness. Sounds about like what I would expect there.

Just a quick rundown on some of the clubs i’ve belonged to over the years. I used to live in the E 80’s and now moved to the E 60’s. Was a member of the 86th & Lex NYSC which is ok for the $$$. Agree that it is pretty crowded Mon-Wed at peak after work times (and even as late as 8-9pm) but not usually that big an issue (besides, I never got there before 8ish anyway). Talent is hit or miss but the separate floors for weights & cardio is someone upsetting for gazing in b/w sets. I’ve also been to the 76th and 1st location. Slightly younger crowd (good and bad i guess). seems like a lot of ex-jocks from college that like to throw around lots of weights nowadays. Seemed to me that it was more crowded than the 86th st location. NYSC on 23rd and Park is pretty good. 34th and 2nd ok and 31st and Madison not so good. The Boom on the UES isn’t that good (small and old equipment), the one in Murray Hill is much nicer. The club H in Murray Hill is really nice but can get crowded at peak hours and I believe prices have moved up considerably since they opened < 2 yrs ago. I’ve never belonged to an Equinox but have done guest passes and it is really nice but also comes at a sizeable premium to the other clubs (about $130/month last i checked). The best club i’ve ever seen was the Sports Club LA in the E 60’s. That place is sick, however, you do pay for it, as membership is ~$175/month. Super high end club though. I just joined the Crunch on 59th and 2nd. Decent enough gym and in the price range I was looking to pay. Good luck.


Anyone ever had trouble getting out of an NYSC membership?

JohnThainsLimoDriver Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yeah, I don’t think I’m referring to the equipment > when I’m asking about ghettoness. Sounds about > like what I would expect there. I knew what you meant, but I didn’t want to go there

JohnThainsLimoDriver Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Anyone ever had trouble getting out of an NYSC > membership? My anecdote: Friend moved to London and tried canceling her membership. Her “paperwork was delayed” for about 3 months. Pretty ridiculous, and this was before the recession.

Pay for my GFs membership currently along with mine. My mandatory 1 yr lock in period is over in June. Her’s is over in October. She wants to go somewhere with a pool so I asked if I could exchange the memberships so I could cancel her’s come June and keep mine through October. They flat out refused. Said memberships are non transferable. Tried to explain the rationale and logic here but they wanted to hear nothing of the sort. So, yes they do suck and are real hard asses when it comes to cancellations. You know where I would consider if youre going to be in UES is asphalt green. My GF used to belong there for the pool and I went a few times. The gym is sweet and there is never anyone there. I mean its like a personal gym. I could never join there cause I need a little scenery to keep my sanity but if youre looking for a gym thats NEVER crowded that’s the place.

Anyone got interesting hookup stories from the gym? I don’t, unfortunately.