NYSE Tours

I know since 9/11, the NYSE stopped giving tours to visitors. Does anybody know if they make special arrangements for people in the industry? Would I be able to get my employer (TROW) to sponsor me or approve of me to the NYSE?

I tried using our floor contact for a tour. He suggested asking about a weekend or after hour tour. I called the NYSE and was denied. So as far as I know you cannot get to the floor. That being said, in Chicago one time with my friend Daley, we got on the floor of the CBOE during trading hours. His last name was the way to the floor.

I don’t care too much about getting to the floor, but don’t they have like a walk-way where you go and overlook everything? I’ll start with HR here and see what strings I can try and pull…

soxboys21 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I don’t care too much about getting to the floor, > but don’t they have like a walk-way where you go > and overlook everything? > > I’ll start with HR here and see what strings I can > try and pull… When I called last year, they said you are not allowed through the front door. http://www.nyse.com/about/newsevents/1095581297148.html

They do allow tours, but it is difficult to get one. I went on one a year ago. Supposedly, we were very lucky.

My wife and I are going on a mini-vacation in August to NYC, so I just thought I’d ask… Maybe I’ll try and contact NYSE, just so I can get shot down… =)

I really hope you get in there. Good Luck.

you can get a tour post-trading hours on weekdays if you work for a firm that has a booth on the floor. Most BB has a booth, and in my previous firm, almost all associates are taken to NYSE for a tour as part of their orientation. Last heard, the plan is to close floor trade at NYSE and move everything to electronic trading. So if you wait long enough, the NYSE may actually be open for visits again - as a museum.

Propanol: my best guess is since TROW trades on the NASDAQ, that TROW probably doesn’t have a booth on the floor. Would this be a correct assumption?

Man, that sucks that they don’t give tours anymore. I remember going years ago and they had a really cool museum-type thing set up and then they let you go overlook the exchange floor.

i went on an NYSE tour with a group of fidelity folks in may of 2006

I was on a tour there during trading hours about 2 years ago, it took forever to get through security. They don’t allow you on the trading floor but they have a walkway that goes above the floor. It was a cool experience, they took us into the board room where they have a faberge egg on display.

George W Bush was allowed on the trading floor…

We use a broker dealer who has a seat on the exchange. We were able to line up a tour with them last fall. Not much to see anymore except the hotties from Fox Business. Most of the rooms are closed. Only the garage is still open. In 5 years, it will only be TV cameras. Security was tighter than flying.

I went for a tour in October 2003 through a friend’s connection at the NYSE (the archivist, who has since passed away). Security was extremely tight (when my subway pass set the alarm off, I was told “you get one more try. If the alarm goes off again, you’re out.”) I even had to submit my SSN in advance, presumably so they could do a background check. Or so someone could steal my identity. The tour was cool but limited. We got on the floor for 5 minutes but spent most of the time in the upstairs balcony area. I held the door open for Maria Bartiromo–she’s extremely short (5’0"?).

Soxboys, did you have any luck with the NYSE tour? What dept. do you work in for TROW? I would be interested in touring the NYSE if there is a way to set it up.

I toured the floor in March 2005 while still an undergraduate. I was told it was very rare. Apparently someone pulled some serious strings to let about 15 of us take the tour. We walked through the pits and met with some floor brokers. This was actually when trades went through the floor. It was pretty crazy. A great experience, and something I will never forget. Oh, and security was tighter than… well, you get the point.

Would it help if you were a shareholder in the NYSE (ie. you owned a seat before the merger)?

i got to tour the floor in 2006. my cousin was an MD for a good 6 years in nyc, and clearly pulled some strings to get myself and a friend in. we even got to eat lunch in the dinning room there. was a great experience. we got to watch one trader freak the fuck out when one of his stocks went sideways. still remember the look on his face. Think he lost about 100 grand in a matter of minutes. the joys of being a market maker…

I went last December, a group of 4. the IR guy gave us a tour and we got to chat with the different market makers on the floor…maybe you can check witht heir IR department?