NYSSA - 3-day Review

Anyone in the NYC area signing up for this? Friday May 14-Sunday May 16…any input?

how much are they charging?

$675 for members, $775 for non-members.

The one in beautiful, sunny Newark NJ was $383 after the NYSSA discount

c’mon…really?? can you send me the details? spmayrose@yahoo.com THANKS!!

I am also interested in the Newark session as well, can you please send to rbfcoupon@gmail.com. Thanks.

I called NYSSA and they said they sort of are but sort of aren’t involved - it’s mostly a Schweser thing. If you go to Schweser’s website you can get the info. i think she said peteyPete’s price…I’m tied up that weekend so I’m sticking with NYSSA the following week in midtown.

I checked Schweser’s website as well, but it does not mention any NYSSA discount thou, it’s now $479…