NYSSA Classes

I keep getting emails about the 5 week accelerated NYSSA CFA prep courses offered on saturdays leading into LII. It’s somewhat tempting and sounds like it would be helpful, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them or any input on the situation. The price is like 1100 without membership, 900 with. Which brings me to my next question. Is it worth becoming a member? How well recognized are they, etc. Any input regarding them is helpful, thanks.

Nevermind, the second part, I just realized that they’re the CFA society for NY and also that I’m an idiot. But any input on the classes would be great.

The L3 has been pretty helpful so far (the 15 week or whatever length they say it is). If the instructor is Ronen I’d say it might be worth the money, he knows his stuff pretty well. Though with an all MC test like L2 I personally didn’t see the need to shell out the $1k+. The class has definitely been worth the time though.