NYSSA classes

First time, long time here.

Was curious if any of the current or past L3 candidates took the NYSSA classes with Nathan Ronen? Came highly recommended (specifically for L3) by some friends who have completed the program.

Any input would be appreciated.


I went to his bootcamp for level 2… I thought he was helfpul.

The only reason why I didn’t sign up for level 3 regular classes was it started i believe at 6… NO way in hell I would be able to get there in time.

aschmidt - I took Nathan’s CFA classes for Level 1 and Level 2. I passed the December 2012 Level 1, and just failed Level 2, band 9. Nathan does help clarify difficult topics, and focuses on areas he believes are more testable. For example, in Level 2, he spent time on, and clearly explained intercorporate investments.

He also went over problem sets in class from time to time, and I assume some people like that. I would have preferred if he had spent that time clarifying concepts, since NYSSA has a seperate problem solving session class. Overall, though, I’d recommend his class.

Ronen reads from the Scweser books and goes over past exam questions here and there. I don’t think he has a leg up on anyone at all. Heard Ron Qunitero was good (taught at 7City this year).

I took Nathan’s Thursday Weekly Review for Level 3 (Jan-May).

Yes - he uses Schweser Notes as a sylabus, of sorts, but he’s not reading verbatim from them. He highlights what’s truly important. He also ran through a ton of example questions (ALL from prior year exam AM sections and CFAI back of chapter multiple-choice from prior years) focusing more on test strategy than the technicals.

His class was perfect for what I needed, that is, he focused on test and study strategy and left it to us to do the material review. No sense paying someone to read you the notes or do remedial lessons.

I highly recommend his course. I don’t know if I passed this year, but if I did, I owe a great deal to Nathan’s course.

@Haji, @ducatirider: How many students in each class for Lii and Liii?

For L3, there were a lot. Probably 150. He was very responsive to questions outside of class. In fairness, with that many people, you couldn’t really ask anything complicated in class.

Yes, he’s helpful. You can purchase videos too. So you do not have to go to class. But he can’t force you to do the readings, practice questions and take notes on your own. The things he stresses however, are very helpful. i.e. how to answer the essay questions…