NYSSA getting rid of member lounge (Bloomberg, Capital IQ)

NYSSA is closing its member lounge that for many years has provided access to Bloomberg, Capital IQ and other data services. This was a real benefit for financial professionals in the NYC area, especially young professionals trying to convert their CFA charter into a job in the financial industry. If you are a NYSSA member and would like to help preserve this benefit, which represents just a tiny sliver of NYSSA’s operating budget, I urge you to consider signing onto this petition and sharing this item with other members in your network: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nyssa-member-lounge Thanks for reading.

I’ll sign that. I’ve spent many a night in that NYSSA building taking CFA prep classes. Please god never again.

That would really suck. I signed and I hope NYSSA ends up changing their mind.

Thanks for your support. There seems to be some serious flaws in leadership decision making at NYSSA these days. I’m hoping to have the test prep behind me as well - and if the lounge is taken away I will almost certainly drop my membership.

Speaking of NYSSA, how long do they take to approve society membership? I have been under society review after CFAI approved all my work hours… 9 decision days left…