NYSSA getting rid of member lounge (Bloomberg, Capital IQ)

NYSSA is closing its member lounge that for many years has provided access to Bloomberg, Capital IQ and other data services. This was a real benefit for financial professionals in the NYC area, especially young professionals trying to convert their CFA charter into a job in the financial industry. If you are a NYSSA member and would like to help preserve this benefit, which represents just a tiny sliver of NYSSA’s operating budget, I urge you to consider signing onto this petition and sharing this item with other members in your network: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nyssa-member-lounge Thanks for reading.

Wow this is a huge loss. I know people that are members of NYSSA strictly for that resource alone

If you feel so inclined, please reach out to those members you know and make them aware of this petition.

We are struggling to get our message out given limitations on more traditional communication forums (the powers that be at NYSSA are not too supportive of our efforts).

create a fb group, linkedin, kickstart group, gofund me group, etc

I remember reading a thread about this on Linkedin couple months ago. Will getting rid of the lounge lower NYSSA dues?

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