NYSSA Government Job Fair 4/24?

Anyone go to this last Friday? I tried but could not get in b/c did not pre-register. Wondering how it was…

Hit and miss. Crowded. A lot of people clearly felt awkward being in a job fair. Felt a bit like speed dating - wait a long time, have 3 minutes to talk to someone, decide if you’re interested in more. Most of the time, the advice was “go look at the postings on our website and apply if you are interested.” Yipee! However, every once in a while, there was more of a fit and a discussion about a particular position. Government jobs do have to be applied for online… that’s pretty much a hard and fast rule, but if you have someone’s business card at the agency, you at least have a chance that it will be looked at once it’s in the great federal database in the sky. There were a few interesting freebies. Social Security gave away chap-stick, and the FBI gave away little nighttime reading lights that attach to your book. I asked if there was a camera inside, so that they can tell what we’re reading… they said “No, that would be a CIA. We’d need a warrant for that.” Interesting how times have changed… :wink:

Oh yeah, and the commentator from Fox News in the sky blue skirt suit that matched her eyes was smokin’ hot. Every straight or bi guy could not have helped but notice her. She came over to talk to me, but alas, I don’t do Fox. :wink:

bchadwick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Every straight or bi guy could not have helped but notice her. Interesting that you had to include “bi guys” in there. I don’t envision normally straight guys even bringing up the topic of bisexuality.

It is possible to read too much into that. FWIW, I was thinking “even gay guys would probably notice her,” but decided to tone it down a notch.

Did you see page-6’s story over the weekend about the Fox commentator? If you didn’t it involved a lot of loud noises and thin walls.

Link or she doesn’t exist.


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I’d like to know her name too. 80% of the Fox commentators seem to be blond with blue eyes and long straight hair… so I can’t quite tell who it was.

Name or she doesn’t exist.


How much you want to bet Miss California, who had that issue with Perez Hilton, eventually works as a reporter for Fox…??

funny funny but i dont understand bchad’s comment that your resume might get lost in the ocean of govt job applications database. wasnt it the case that the govt is actively looking for CFA charterholders and people with credentials?