Does affiliate membership in NYSSA worth the money? Thank you, guys. I passed Level 3, but haven’t yet got the required experience.

If you have $300 in disposable income (for the first year), and $200 for each additional year of experience that you need, I’d say it’s worth it based on what NYSSA has to offer: http://www.nyssa.org/Content/NavigationMenu/membership/memberbenefits/default.htm

Hi, Ambiter, thank you for your advice. Are there enough social/networking events. Most of the electronic resource offered NYSSA is readily available within the company. On their website, they seems to offer plenty of events, but admission to one of those events costs additional 1795 or something. Thank you, all other information welcomed.

Well, fair disclosure: I just passed Level III, so I won’t be a regular member until mid-September (i.e. about the time that people receive their charter), so I haven’t fully employed the resources that NYSSA offers. However, I’ve met with a few NYSSA folks, and based on limited sample size, they are all (surprisingly) nice, humble, and self-perceptive people. I’ve been to a few NYSSA sponsored conferences before, and they are generally very helpful. NYSSA is ridiculously large, so in terms of networking, it’s all return per incremental effort that you put in. From what I’ve heard, there are quite a few social/networking events, but I’m happy to be proven wrong by the more seasoned NYSSA members who frequent the AF posts. If you do decide to join NYSSA, please contact Rosalie Poss (her contact information are on the NYSSA website). She’s the lady that’s chiefly responsible for processing new membership applicants.

I think that NYSSA is good value for money. You may be able to get $100 off the first year price (waved initiation fee) if you time things right. Often they offer that after you pass a level of the CFA exam. They have a bunch of professional development programs, and you get a better price if you are a member. A bunch of evening programs are $25 if you aren’t a member and free if you are. If you attend one of these every 6 weeks or so, you make up your annual fee.