Hello~~ Does anyone have experience with NYSSA level III Weekly Class? It’s around $1700 and it is on tuesdays or thursdays. Any feedback or opinion will be appreciated. thanks

It is a great class as it is taught by Nathan Ronen, one of the best. In my opinion, you won’t regret it. It is more like $1300 for the class. Are you including the cost of Schweser books?

thanks for the reply. I paid 1650 for the class and no, i am not getting the schweser books which is an additional 350. So, you took his classes before and if yes, for what level?

first class tonight baby. see you all there. i only paid $1255 or something like that. Infinity you got jacked i would ask for a refund

that’s nice. How did you get it at that price? Employer discount? My employer is myself so I don’t think I’d get any reimbursements.

How was the class yesterday ? I am planning to enroll for the condensed review course. I liked his sample class. Any feedback will help. Thanks,