NYT exposes Trump


great article. see for yourself


Have read about how many contracts he screwed over in AC before and it is really unfortunate. Hard to blame him for the way he made money in AC (if true because who knows what he is actually worth) if someone is going to take all the risk while giving you a piece of the reward naturally you wont care.

Anyone been to the new pier shops thing in AC? Havent been in a few years and remember they were building some new thing full of bars & such as opposed to the trashy gucci stores

Sadly, having grown up in a blue collar suburb or NY, I’ve heard many stories of contractors getting screwed by Trump. He’s basically a crazy celeberity and now politician out of necessity because he could never get people to work on his projects. These guys just wouldn’t work anything his name was on because they didn’t want to fight it out to get paid.

Did people really need to read this to realize Trump was sketchy?

^YES…because ppl believe what he says. like when he got out of ac “at the perfect time” or he “had the highest grossing casino in ac”

im also surprised there is no mention of trump destroying emails by hilldawg

Sounds like he’s exactly what America needs.

This might just be because I work for a bank, but isn’t the Hillary email thing sort of a big deal? It shows a complete lack of respect for procedure, and total absence of commitment to transparency and accountability. Clinton, a cabinet member, moved state business onto an unsecured, unaudited, and unmonitored communication system. The investigation was conducted by the State Department itself. Of some 60,000 (?) emails, only 30k were catalogued in the investigation to see if any confidential information had gone through the system. The other 30k were deleted by Clinton’s group, which claimed that these emails were “personal”. But since the emails were deleted, this claim cannot be verified.

Unaccountability, clear patronage to a prominent politician, deliberate obfuscation of government affairs - isn’t this what is wrong with the political system as a whole? The fact that Clinton escaped any punishment - even that joke process of public censure - is highly confusing and disappointing.

^ I agree. That’d be game over for a politican elsewhere.


Donald Trump basically comes off as a real life Gordan Gekko. Greed is good, screw the little guy. There will be more stories emerging over the next few months I’m sure.

Can anyone explain WHY she did this in the first place? I don’t know d!ck about technology, servers, etc., so I am genuinely curious to know what led her to making this decision. Was it somehow helpful for her job? Was it to purposefully circumvent the rules?

YES! Others have been severely punished for similar behavior.

I’ve “heard” they all do it because the govt systems suck so bad. It’s also logical to think she didn’t want to give Obama access to her stuff considering she had the political capital to do so and was likely plotting to run in 2012 if she saw an opportunity.

It seems like there’s no way to break trump… he’s made of teflon, everything just bounces off him!


sorry for the mobile link. You get this me idea.

Said it before, Trump will f*ck up a whole generation - losses in congress AND white house for conservatives. My is actually angling to move to our Singapore office… Shame!

Im going to take a hard look at Gary Johnson and give him a fair shake. Dont really enjoy the idea of voting for Hillary and would rather eat my hand before voting for Trump. Haven’t looked too much into him at this point but I hope to find some common ground with him. Also enjoy the idea of more parties in america in general, my dad typically voted for Green/Libertarian party candidates to show his displeasure and I see why

Will Itera/Vandelay/Turd go completely bonkers when Hillary wins?