Hi all, I’m planning on writing Level 1 in June. My question is: to supplement my studying for the CFA while at the same time bolstering my resume for Equity Research/B-School, do you feel this curriculum adds value? CERTIFICATE IN FINANCIAL ANALYSIS This certificate in financial analysis with specializations offers in-depth training in analytical methods used by financial analysts and managers in a variety of settings, including finance departments within corporations, investment firms and other financial services institutions, and consulting and professional services firms. Upon completion of this flexible program, students gain expertise in skills such as: * Profitability analysis, including calculation of price-earnings ratios. * Liquidity ratios, asset/productivity analysis, and capital structure/debt ratios. * Discounted cash flow (DCF) and other valuation techniques. * Using Excel spreadsheet modeling to forecast sales, earnings, and free cash flow. * Using Visual Basic programming to solve finance problems, including portfolio modeling. * Pricing options using the Black-Scholes formula. * Random number generation and Monte Carlo simulations. * Using ‘the Greeks,’ statistical measures of option price sensitivity (delta, gamma, vega, theta). * Pricing fixed-income derivatives. This certificate is in financial analysis is offered with a specialization in derivative instruments or with a specialization in banking and finance. Candidates must complete five courses from the required course section and then take three elective courses from the candidate’s choice of specialization. For candidates who wish both specilizations six elective courses are required. NOTE: Students who began working toward the Financial Analysis Certificate without specializations may complete their course of study in accordance with the requirements that were in effect at the time they commenced their studies with the University. Certificate Builder COURSE CHECK LIST COURSE NO. PRICE Required Courses (5 of these courses are required) Fundamentals of Corporate Finance This introduction to corporate finance emphasizes using long-term debt, preferred stock, common stock, and convertibles in the financial structure of a corporation. Learn to analyze… (click on course name to read more) X51.9140 $845 Intermediate Corporate Finance In this continuation of Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, you gain an advanced in-depth understanding of the corporate financing function. Topics include corporate financing and market… (click on course name to read more) X51.9145 $895 Techniques of Financing Corporations This course considers the fundamental principles of corporate finance, concentrating on cash flow and the financing of each asset line of the balance sheet. Various… (click on course name to read more) X51.9670 $895 Quantitative Methods and Financial Modeling in Corporate Financial Analysis In this lab-based course, students gain expertise in the quantitative methods used by securities analysts to evaluate and value publicly traded securities. After a brief… (click on course name to read more) X51.9675 $895 Financial Statement Analysis Examine the accounting framework used to analyze and interpret financial statements. Topics include ratio analysis, liquidity, cash flow, capital structure, quality of earnings, debt, and… (click on course name to read more) X58.8105 $725 Derivative Instruments (3 of these courses are required) The Options Market and Trading Strategies Find out how put-and-call equity and index options can potentially offer a large profit on a small amount of capital while allowing conservative investors to… (click on course name to read more) X51.9120 $795 Fundamentals of Financial Risk Management In this overview of financial risk management and its importance in today’s global marketplace, examine why understanding, measuring, and managing risk are critical considerations in… (click on course name to read more) X51.9208 $795 Derivatives Documentation In this primer on derivatives documentation, you will focus on preparing legal documents for these instruments. Learn how to draft the three major components of… (click on course name to read more) X51.9215 $845 Financial Futures and Options in Risk Management This risk management approach to the fundamentals and trading aspects of financial futures and options markets is designed for bankers, treasury professionals, and traders. Topics… (click on course name to read more) X51.9235 $795 Principles of Financial Modeling Financial models are an integral part of nearly all major business decisions. The advent of spreadsheet tools, such as Excel, has greatly enhanced the modeler’s… (click on course name to read more) X51.9685 $795 Banking and Finance (3 of these courses are required) Fundamentals of Portfolio Management Gain an understanding of the portfolio, the structure within which financial assets are managed. This course introduces the forces and issues that have an impact… (click on course name to read more) X51.9001 $795 Mergers and Acquisitions Designed for corporate personnel and investors, this course explores mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. The focus is on evaluation, mechanics, and negotiation strategies for business combinations… (click on course name to read more) X51.9180 $795 Financial Analysis in Visual Basic If you have basic financial knowledge and wish to move beyond the constraints of Excel, this course provides a deeper understanding of financial processes using… (click on course name to read more) X51.9674 $995 Valuing a Business Examine the fundamental methods employed in valuing a business. Major emphasis is placed on the discounted cash flow (DCF) method of valuation. Other methods explored… (click on course name to read more) X51.9677 $795 Advanced Financial Statement Analysis This course begins with a broad description of financial statements and how they are used by financial professionals, then considers a practical approach using real-life… (click on course name to read more) X58.8106 $685 http://www.scps.nyu.edu/areas-of-study/finance/professional-certificates/financial-analysis.html Thanks in advance!!!

I would say that this is a GREAT curriculum and though I have heard/read about this course for the first time here, NYU Stern is well recognized globally. Just take some feedback from those who have taken this course already and if the feedback is positive, go for it. The stuff that they are promising to teach will prepare you for more than just Equity Research and open doors for other areas in Finance too.

Why not just do Wall street prep course? Or some Deal Maven course?

beacause i feel that courses from a top school like NYU would hold more water than, say a WSP course or the like.

looks expensive. i would focus on the CFA as too many things under your belt could hurt you. do the CFA, and then go for the Stern MBA if you can or desire to. Certificates are ok, but recruiters are looking at resumes with Tuck/Harvard MBA and CFA charterholders and 5-7 yrs exp…a certificate will barely bring you into the ballpark. just trying to be realistic…