NYU-stern graduate - studying for CFAI

Hello people, I recently graduated with a Masters of Science in Finance from NYU-Stern. I have all my securities licenses. Just landed a new gig, pretty hectic at work and have about three months to get ready for the CFAI. Any tips on preparing for this exam? Does anyone have the audio version of the level 1 that I can purchase from? Looking forward to hear some good tips =) Best, Yen

I think you should use some study notes, many people use Schweser, I think Elan are good too. I used Schweser notes not Elan for June, I only used Elan’s review book, videos and mocks but I’m helping one of my friends with their December study and they have Elan’s study notes. Anyway, given your background and your time constraints, my opinion is that study notes are your best choice, and from the CFAI books you should only read the chapter summaries and solve the end of chapter questions. The CFAI books are ok if you have time for them, but if you don’t just go with a study provider. Just my 2 cents :wink: Good luck, and try to leave 3-4 weeks just for review and mocks before the exam, I did not do that and it was just by a stroke of luck that I managed to finish everything - you don’t want to be reading new chapters one week before the exam, trust me :D. And one more thing, read Ethics from the CFAI books, it’s long, it’s boring, but it’s a must. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us :wink:

Thank you! I know, I am in a time constraint. Crazy work hours and I am trying to purchase audio books if anyone has them! So when I am at the gym or commuting I can listen to them! definitely will read the summary :wink: Thanks again for your advice!:slight_smile:

What about if one is not from a finance background…is the time left now suffice for level 1 …

In my opinion, three months is the ideal time to study for level 1. But this is just me, and I’ve never been one to study for long periods of time. It’s not too late to pass it, you have to adjust your study schedule according to your background and the amount of time you can study every week, and get to it.

You have more than enough time. I have a similar background and used Elan’s Ultimate Pack for 3.5 months with a full time job to pass the exam pretty comfortably this June. Just put in some solid hours and be disciplined. You’ll be fine.