Obama Didn't Carry That, Someone Else Did


Bill Clinton is the ultimate poltician.

Bill Clinton is a master when it comes to speeches. I hope he will do one at the convention.

I want him to run for president.

Is he still allowed? Or is it just 2 consecutive terms?

I remember his classic line in the 2008 Dem convention:

" We, America, should show the world the power of our example…not the example of our power"

Here is the official clip. Wasn’t his exact quote, but close to it. The crowd erupted.


He’s the only Democrat that I’m not ashamed to say I like

He is not allowed to run, only 2 terms total.

He got his ass handed to him by the Obama team in the last dem primaries in 2008, but then, he had the disadvantage of having Hillary as the nominee. Apart from that, he is a great politician, the best charmer there is.

No, this is different. He made this comment to Ted Kennedy while his wife was still in the race. And by race, I mean the democratic nomination. Tim Russert, a famous journalist, overheard the comment. Both Ted Kennedy and Tim Russert are now dead. Coincidence? Haha, Bubba would like you to think that. He’s more tactical than Putin and more Brilliant than Cicero.

Ken Starr is still alive…for now.