Obama gets 70-75% of Latino Vote

I just don’t get it. I can see Latinos not wanting to vote for Romney, but why vote at all. President Obama has not been a friend to the Latino community. The facts:

When Obama took office, the latino unemployment rate was 9.4%. During his administration, it has been as high as 11% and has been under 10% only one month.

Candidate Obama promised to pass comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in office. Despite a democrat-controlled House and Senate in his first two years, President Obama didn’t even make an immigration proposal and has yet to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

The Obama adminstration has deported 57% more illegals per month than the GWB administration (the previous record holder).

I think it’s because the Republican party has taken some hard positions against illegal immigration. For instance, they support cutting funding for universities that enrol illegal immigrants, and they oppose the Dream Act. Furthermore, lower income among Hispanic people means they will relate to Obama’s policies. I believe Latinos int he US are also younger than other ethnic groups, which again helps Obama.

Presumably the Latinos who are voting are US citizens. Maybe they aren’t worried about deportation or might even feel threatened by new immigrants. I am not sure that immigration is as big an issue to Latinos that are US citizens as it is to Latinos that are here and at risk of deportation. I suspect that the idea of someone non-white in the White House - even if he isn’t Latino himself - may make them feel that there is someone in high political office that understands what it’s like not to be white in this country.

Compared to non-Latino US citizens, Latino US citizens definitely support looser rules on immigration and illegal immigrants. I am pretty sure Obama is perceived to be pro-immigration compared to Romney, despite whatever real data you are putting there.

I get not wanting to vote for Romney, but why vote for president at all? Why not just skip on down to the Senate, House and local races?

I agree with this. Many have family that wish to immigrate, etc… But I’m not sure that immigration is their main voting issue. It is true that they don’t want to be profiled for deportation investigations, but it’s generally the Republicans (and local ones, at that) that are advocating that kind of thing. A democratic president is more likely to strengthen the hands of democratic locals.

You are presuming that Latinos don’t like Obama. This is not true - those guys love the Democratic party, despite what your data says. Democrats support the Dream Act. They opposed the Arizona law requiring personal identification. Obama is even brown colored. Go Obama!


Am I saying that race of the candidate influences voters? Absolutely. It goes for non-white people and white people.

Stupid Crakers…Isnt Latinos as much American as whites? So just because they dont want to vote for your candidate they shouldnt vote in the presidential race? You are in a bubble.


^ uh oh. stormy is going back to that place again.

Most latinos know of family/friends that have illegal status. This is not disputed, it’s a fact, and ohai and bchad are correct about this. So, it’s not surprising the vote is more in favor of democrats, as the republican party has been more outspoken against illegals.

And about being “racist”. Who are we kidding here? There are people who will absolutely vote for Obama because of his race. Just like there are people who will absolutely NOT vote for Obama for the same reason.

Can we agree on that and move on from the “racist comments” ?

Simple, Latinos would not vote for a white man who conceives of the US as a nation with a primarily European culture. They’d much rather prefer a socially liberal guy who sees the US as a “multicultural” nation. Pretty much any group of people with a non-European heritage would vote along those lines.

The republican establishment doesn’t really like latinos so they don’t vote for them. It’s pretty simple.

The GOP can definitely make gains in the Latino community next time around. As we saw at the convention, there are a few up and comer latinos within the party. Latinos are also socially conservative. The GOP will have to move more to the center on economic and immigration matters to make inroads.

^ That’s an interesting notion. Democrats got a racial boost with Obama, and maybe the republicans will counter with a Latino.

Play the catholic card?

The Republican party was banking on the abortion issue to get Latino support, but that basically failed. Immigration was more important and young Hispanics don’t care about abortion as much as old Hispanics.

You have reading comprehension issues, don’t you?