Obama Odds

Saturday, April 4, 2009 07:00Obamania - Obama’s First Mistress Applies to the first Mistress taken by Barack Obama while serving as President. Applies to a second term in the event Obama is re-elected in 2012. Previous affairs do not count. Price Price Carla Bruni 34.00 Hillary Clinton 34.00 Chelsea Clinton 67.00 Condeleeza Rice 67.00 Beyonce 81.00 Angelina Jolie 81.00 Belinda Stronach 81.00 Angela Merkel 101.00 Scarlett Johansson 101.00 Lisa Jackson 126.00 Stephanie Herseth Sandlin 126.00 J-Lo 151.00 Sarah Palin 151.00 Jennifer Aniston 151.00 Halle Berry 151.00Jessica Alba 151.00Julia Roberts 151.00Kate Hudson 151.00Mary Bono 151.00Ellen DeGeneres 201.00Nancy Pelosi 201.00Kate Beckinsale 201.00Charlize Theron 251.00Ann Coulter 301.00Laura Bush 301.00Barbara Bush 501.00Cindy McCain 501.00Denzel Washinton 501.00Oprah Winfrey 501.00Tzipi Livni 501.00Bono 801.00Any female cabinet member not listed 81.00Obama Does Not Take A Mistress 1.03

I’m probably long Oprah and short everyone else.

im thinking dude will probably be dropped before any of that noise. i really hope he isn’t, big time.

WHERE IS OBAMA-GIRL?! (from the music video?! she was damn hot)

Hilary Clinton? diiiiiirty