Obama Stocks & McCain Stocks

Hey guys, I want get some ideas from you which stocks will see a positive impact from either of the candidate to be president? I know Obama has a big alternative energy plan and should bodes well for some solar and wind power stocks. Any other ideas? Maybe during the turmoil, could accumulate some of the “President Stocks”. Like any idea from you guys, thanks a bunch!

look at healthcare. i cant give away all my goodies, but there are short and long opportunities in the insurers, hospitals, and maybe some “at the margin, may help the cost crisis” names like wellness and IT stocks…

Obama: pharma-industrial complex McCain: military-industrial complex

defense spending will hold up no matter wins, just my opinion generics will also thrive regardless of who wins

I think it’s clear that government spending will increase sustantially, outside of the Defense complex, who will the winners be? Infrastructure?

JustPass Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I think it’s clear that government spending will > increase sustantially, outside of the Defense > complex, who will the winners be? Infrastructure? lety me talk my book for a sec : ) - UTX is hot: industrials name with modest PE and ok yld, but 20% of revs come from choppers. Not only do I like saying “choppers,” I like owning this name…

I think infrastructure could be big world wide, as governments will spend to jump start their economies. I think Obama’s plan is more inclined to spend on it in the US…in both of those lights I would say VMI could be positioned well.

good little tidbit from WSJ today ---------- Big Pharma Could Be Big Loser Under Obama Health Plan Posted By Vanessa Fuhrmans On October 23, 2008 @ 1:53 pm In Presidential campaign, Drugs | 22 Comments The latest comparison of the two presidential candidates’ health plans offers a twist: a look at how they’d affect some of the biggest players feeding at America’s $2 trillion-plus health care trough. If Barack Obama wins Nov. 4, it’s the pharma industry that stands to take the biggest hit, according to Boston Consulting Group. Its analysis concludes that Obama’s plan to let the federal government negotiate Medicare drug prices could cut industry revenues by a whopping $10 billion to $30 billion. That loss might be at least partly offset by Obama’s plan to reduce the number of uninsured, which would likely increase the number of people able to afford prescription drugs in the first place. On the other hand, private insurers might follow Medicare’s lead and insist on paying less for prescription drugs. John McCain, the BCG study mentions, is “officially silent” on the issue of negotiating drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries. But McCain hasn’t been shy about dubbing the industry “big bad guys.” A few years back, he voted against the Medicare drug benefit partly because it didn’t allow the government to negotiate prices. And (like Obama) he favors the re-importation of prescription drugs to save money. That may help explain why drug company executives have donated about three times more to Obama’s campaign than to McCain’s. The biggest winners under Obama’s plan are hospitals, who’d likely gain $11 billion in revenues — instead of bad debt and charity care — from about 11 million newly insured people, the analysis says. Under McCain’s plan, pharma companies would suffer some as health plans get more restrictive of drug spending, BCG added. Insurers would see revenues decline as more people leave or lose employer-backed health coverage, though maybe make up ground in the individual plan business. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------