Obama's economic team

What do you guy’s think? The man’s seems like a true moderate to me with his picks…so much for the right wing fear mongering. Of course the damage done by the Bush admin is far too severe so I have doubts as to the efficacy of their attempts to save the economy.

Obama isn’t change. Obama is more of the same, only worse.

So he’s the same, but different?

I voted for McCain and was very worried that he might fill his cabinet with people who represent his far left point of view, but so far I have been very pleased. Geitner seems like a true pragmatic and his experience in other crises in Latin America and Asia make him the best or least bad fit for the job. Obama also deserves kudos for retaining Gates on defense as well, even if it will be only for a few months. Let’s give him credit when it deserved.

While I was for McCain, I would like to see some fresher faces. Stop with all the 80 year old retreads. However, it could be a lot worse.