Objection to L3 Result

A guy at my work last year failed band 10 but got a letter in December telling him he passed when a question was thrown out. I’m not sure if he appealed his band 10 which is what opened up the possibility of moving him to a pass or not though.

i would definitely do it!

only because it’s essay and the chance of subjectivity is huge and the cost ($100) is low.

In your case, since you did so well in PM, and you are a band 10, it’s kinda building yourself a good case that perhaps you just didn’t have the language right or bad handwriting or perhaps marking the questions wrong? (like putting 2A instead of 2B in your answer area?)

Try and see, it’s only $100 guys, don’t pretend that we have much better use of it (like as if you will actually donate the same $100 to red cross if you decide NOT to retabulate).

:slight_smile: good luck!