Objection to L3 Result

Dear all,

I got 7 >70% and only Alt. Inv <50% in the PM.

I got Q1 Portfolio Mgmt Individual and Q5 Economics >70%, Q2 of Portfolio Mgmt Individual and Q9 Fixed Income 51% - 70% and remaining 7 questions < 50% in the AM…

All in all I got Band 10.

I believe any revision of AM grades to the upper level would lead to a pass.

Thus I wonder what are the chances of an objection that leads to a note revision in the AM?


We can’t tell you the chances because we don’t know. But I got roughly the same scores as you last year, and I was Band 10 as well. I don’t really see much grounds for an appeal, but your call obviously.

Do it!!! At least u wont have regrets that u could but didnt

think of it this way:

the upside is saving a repeat fee and no having to study 400+ hours followed by 2 months of worry and 1 day of excruciating worry.Oh and you get bragging rights if it works out. Only you can put a price on these.

the downside is $100.

your call. but I know what I would do…

your AM sucks and you failed. I know how bad failing is, but I would accept it.

I dont think there has ever been a case of a grade overturned, not to let that stop you but I would not expect an outcome change.

7 questions below 50 in AM means all subjective grading and probability of a jump is basically zero.

I’d drop that dough on the asian massage.

Why can’t he drop the 100 bucks on the retabulfacation AND get an asian massage. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive?

I think it is still worth it… It seems unlikely that a person who got over 70 in everything in the afternoon session to fail almost everything in the morning session!!! Hallo cfa, how fair and objective is that?

If 100 dollars is worth a little to you, then go for it. If I were in your shoes, I would throw in my request like yesterday.

The hand writing thing is obviously a big part than the CFAI will be willing to admit…never mind, in a few years, the jury will be out on them and they will see how many lives they have trampled upon.

If that’s the matter, probably ill never pass it then…

For the record I have literally THE WORST handwriting on the planet. I passed, but did WAAAAAAAY worse in the morning session. I believe that handwriting played a role in this.

same here…I had no business scoring as I did in the morning save for the handwriting

The bands make it really tough to tell, you can swing on the low / high end and have massive variance on final score.

I’m in the same exact boat as you and just sent in the form for retabulation. $100 is in my opinion well worth it, even if just for peace of mind.

Guys, they don’t regrade your exam. Check the CFAI website carefully. For the essay section, they just make sure every question was graded, make sure the totals were added correctly, and make sure the score was correctly marked in the database. For the item sets, they manually grade against an answer key but the machine is probably 99.9% right. So the $100 pays for your peace of mind. Do NOT think that there is even a small chance that your score will change.

correct. your AM answers are NOT regraded at all. Whatever score you were given STANDS AS IS.

And to add to this, I’m sure that they have a template for filling in scores for each essay question. So they would know right away if there was a number left out because a question was not graded, or a score was left out. With all the spaces in the template filled out with a score, then it’s just addition. So the $100 fee is really just a check on their ability to add (punch in numbers in a calculator).

Any chance that you missed a template or two in the morning session? I understand that they are sticklers for that rule.

I’m pretty sure you don’t have to answer in the template so long as you clearly indicate which question the answer is tied too.