Objective ways to measure Level 3 Progress

Hi all,

What is a good way to objectively measure Level 3 progress?

For example, for Level I & 2, I would tell any candidate that if they can consistently score 75%+ on practice exams, they should not have a problem on test day.

What is a comparable standard for Level 3?

Nailing the IPS sections & 75%+ on afternoon?

my way of approaching it is like this:

  • try and nail down the afternoon section first by scoring 75%+ on all sections
  • with that as a basis work on the morning section questions as much as you can
  • if you nail the afternoon section you’ve got 50% of the test covered and then hope for the best in the morning session.

^ That’s generally what experienced L3 test takers will tell you, and i agree. Just look at the score matrixes people posted and you can see that the morning session generally looks pretty ugly across the board, and the savior is usually the afternoon. It’s just because it seems that the morning parts are very subjective, and not as clear cut as the afternoon part multiple choice.

Yep, hard to get objective on the morning…

My goal is to just really study those morning exams hard - there has to be some overlap between the test we will take & past exams.