obtain CFA charter or you are fired!!!!

One of my friends told me that his boss told him that. Has anyone of you came up with this problem before?? Anyway , my friend has a mega brain and will pass for sure but I just do not think it is fair . What do you people think?

Hmm, does the boss have a CFA charter? What’s the timescale on that order? “Mega brain” relative to?

Yeah it doesn’t make sense. CFA doen’t mean everything. I think it could be an excuse. The boss wanna layoff the employees or he just wanna fire somebody who does not have a CFA.

I wish my boss told me something like that, My boss tells me that being level 3 candidate or passing Level III for that matter, does not mean anything to him, although he and his boss are the only ones in the division who holds the CFA charter.

It is not unusual at many shops for the CFA charter to be a requirement for an ER position.

I just got sick of explaining why I didn’t want to do it. Now I just started without them knowing about it (or paying) and I can’t want for me to pass L3 next year and tell them ‘how easy it was’. They failed L2 last year and we actually sat in the same room but he didn’t see me. Asshole.