Oct 1st

I’m gonna get back at it on October 1st. Should be a long drag. But hey, what can ya do? Who else is gonna start in Oct?

Ill try start in Oct, but 75% I push it at back until March.

I’m burntout already. ha ha.

Same here - Oct 1st is when the journey begins (first time L2 candidate)

I plan to start bit earlier … sometime this week… how do u plan to go about it? guess i’ll finish reading all CFAI text by Dec and then scheweser, practice questions etc. then on

I plan on starting December 1 using the CFAI texts and try to gt through them by March 1, giving me three months to review.

I’m trying to enjoy some of the last few days of decent weather, catching up with friends, taking trips, etc. Will start January.


i’m with bigred. i’m going to enjoy the weather while it lasts. sometime in december for me.

L2 is on the backburner until I get a job… hopefully it won’t be much longer

Thats the one good thing about living in London - the good weather finished a few weeks ago and it will not be back until June (just in time for going out after the Level 2 exam!)

I am also staring on October 1st. If there is anybody working/living in midtown or upper west NY and want to study together (peer pressure) please let me know.