Odds of an exception?

I have already contacted the CFA Institute but I was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me out with a question in advance? Up until this morning, work commitments had led me to believe I would be without sufficient time to study so I had decided to pass on this June’s exam and just write next summer. In a poor bit of timing, I just found out this morning that I’ll be more stationary that I had been told but the last date has just passed to sign up for the exam. Does anyone know if an exception would be made and I can sign up? Is this request fairly common place? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Also, ask for the take-home version of the test

Well played … thought it was a fairly innocuous question but thanks for the flame.

The CFA institute is famous for being inflexible and exasperating. Letting you slide in would be against character, i think. Still, I think your chances are better when asking to take the test (and pay them money) then they would ever be trying to get a refund…

I would say 100-1 against. CFAI is not very flexible.

Too late. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Do something else productive in the meantime.

Infinity:1. I plan to take up flying lessons in the summer.

I have my licence, its fun etienne good call…you wont get it done in the summer though. It takes way more time then they tell you due to the certain weather cancellations

I bet with the high price of fuel it’s becoming a lot more expensive to become a pilot.

I havent been up since early fall…mostly because I feel bad spending 200+ bucks every weekend and that was when gas was cheaper…and i only would go up for just over an hour.

There was a poster from LII a couple years ago who forgot to sign up for the exam around this time after studying wicked hard. He was freakin out hardcore.