Odds that Ethics Maxes out?

I find it very unlikely we get 3 vignettes for ethics… why? because there too much other material to test on. Maxing out on ethics means something else will get minimized like PM, ALT or Quant… Sounds unlikely… My call, there will likely be exactly 2 ethics vigettes… Is my logic sound?

Also we’ve done 80% of it in level 1. Also am betting on either 2 portfolio mgmt sets or 3 fixed income sets.

Two things that make me think they may max it out:

1 - The CFAI loves Ethics

2 - The current regulatory environment

Don’t sleep on Ethics. It can make or break you.

i need some advice for ethics. this is the only topic where i read the entire curriculum, so i was able to crack questions on schweser without much of an issue. but in the cfa mocks i struggled. what should i do now to get better hold ? i dont want to miss out on that 70 for ethics.

While I hope this turns to be true but I don’t agree, in 2018 official mock they put 3 vignettes of Ethics, probably sending a message that this is very normal to happen in the actual exam

I will be 2. But be able to recite ROS verbatim!