# of calculations on exam

L1 I picked up my calculator maybe 10 times in 240 questions. Is L2 different - can we expect more calculations?

No. You’ll use your calculator about the same (10 times).

are you out of your mind? it seemed like at least 70% of the questions were asking for a number answer; what’s the justified leading P/E of this stock, solve for the required rate of return given a 50% failure probability, how much cash was collected in year X, solve this, solve that… unless you were being sarcastic, which i feel like you might be.

My bad. I remember one of sittings had quite a bit of calculations. Not so much on the other sitting.

the only sections that were light on calculations i felt were ethics (obviously) and corporate finance, when they asked all that stuff about corporate governance. ironically, i remember quant seemed kinda light on calculations too. but everything else was mostly “give me the number, 13itch”

There weren’t many heavy calculations…just your routine stuff… and quant was not heavy on calculations but surely on logic… (from a friend who passed last year)

thanks smiley et al!